Artists Alley is a segment which provides a behind the scenes glance into the artistic process for [Way of Rhea (WoR)].

This segment is essentially a journal that helps me keep organized and focused. Additionally, I hope these updates will provide insight to other newbie gaming artists, game developers who are working with artists, and curious individuals.

That said, I am beyond excited about this project! And I hope you all will join me on this journey full of magic, whimsy, and learning <];{D>

So far, I am happy about the existing color palette for [WoR]. I have been exploring how this palette can be manipulated to create different environments and moods. This can be done by changing weight on different colors within the palette.

For instance, when pale pink is the most prominent color, the world becomes a bit bubble-gummy and light.

abstract bubbly concept art

bubble gummy level concept art

While oranges, and deep purple dominating the scene brings to mind more mysterious deep feelings.

abstract rocky concept art

abstract rocky concept art with puzzle pieces

Aesthetics I want to achieve, when I get a better feel for setting include: A sense of curiosity, mystery, a pinch of fun, and a color scheme that can be variable for different moods.

As the game progresses and the plot unfolds, the background will reflect intended emotions. Some levels will be a bit darker, and should feel a bit scary. While other levels should be light and whimsical. In addition to color, terrain make up is important for game design. Different terrains can lead to different obstacles (water, vines, gaps, etc…)

nature concept art

Another factor to explore through environment is physics. What is the gravity of the environment? Are there any special ‘rules’? [WoR] is a puzzle game. So if for instance, the terrain is mirrored, the character you are controlling can have a reflection plane which mimics the players moves. To make things interesting, there could be some ‘inconsistencies’ between these planes, and the player can switch planes to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

manmade concept art 1 manmade concept art 2