Exciting news–we’re starting the closed beta of Way of Rhea!

I’m going to be running it through our Discord. I’m only adding a couple people at a time so that I have time to address feedback between participants–if you want me to add you to the list, ping me there!

v0.1.0 Release Notes

  • All levels now have unique music
  • Marked areas navigable by crabs with crystals
  • Improved speed controls, speed controls (optionally) affect music
  • Improved biome progress visuals
  • Shows controls on screen in more cases
  • Fixed performance problem with inactive NPCs
  • Resolved issues connections between some puzzles in the end-game, polished end game puzzles
  • Fixed problem where if you move slow enough you wouldn’t trigger gates
  • Added accel/decl to character controllers
  • Adds more background art to various areas
  • Makes paths in forest biome more visually readable
  • Added input buffering
  • Displays song titles in game
  • Stops messing with Windows power schemes
  • Warn instead of erroring when keys can’t be mapped
  • Improves music transitions and looping
  • Hub world now less cramped
  • Implemented all achievements and secrets
  • Don’t repeatedly warn on save point mismatches Makes first ice puzzle clearer. Previously it was possible to solve it by accident, and it would appear as if the outcome was “random” since the important interaction was happening off screen. Also causes the crab to walk right instead of left carrying the orb, making it visually clearer that they have picked * up since it is sorted in front of them.
  • Named all levels
  • Removes some puzzles from the forest biome that were redundant and/or didn’t fit with the spirit of the game
  • Starts adding character voices (gibberish)
  • Improves undo/redo further, especially in crab levels
  • Fixes problem where elevator visuals didn’t align with interactivity
  • Fixed minor dialogue glitches, improved dialogue
  • Implements credits

v0.2.0 Release Notes

  • Ships debug symbols on Windows
  • Fixed inadvertent red herring in second ice level, crystals now always indicate a path a crab could take
  • Made navigable areas more visually consistent in the ice biome
  • Fixed case sensitivity issue that lead to some missing textures on Linux and Steam Deck
  • Fixed weather related performance issue
  • Added graphics options to allow for toggling weather and distortion effects
  • Fixed issue where the first puzzle in the last forest level could be bypassed
  • Fixed issue where cloud saves wouldn’t sync cross platform

Future beta release notes will be posted to Steam and Discord.