Hey everyone–thanks so much for a great launch day. After having worked on this game for so long, it’s an amazing feeling seeing so many folks enjoy it. :)

We hit 10 reviews on day 1, and at the time of writing are at 24 positive reviews:

My new goal is to get to 50 reviews so we can be labeled “Very Positive.”

I’m not going to share Steam stats today, but I can tell you that getting 10 reviews increased our visibility by an order of magnitude. Thank you again.

Cerebral Puzzle Showcase

I also wanted to announce that Way of Rhea is getting featured in the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase! The festival runs on Steam from May 23rd to May 30th.

If you haven’t picked up the game yet, I’m extending the 20% launch discount to cover the entire festival:

If you’ve already picked up WoR, there are gonna be a lot of other great puzzle and puzzle-adjacent games on discount or with free demos. I’m looking forward to trying out the latest demo of our friends’ game, Valley of Shadow, in particular.

If I manage to get away from launch stuff long enough to try out some of the games, I’ll share any cool finds in our Discord in the #gaming channel. If you find anything cool, definitely share it with us!