Way of Rhea is coming to Steam in 5 days!

This blog series walks through some of the mechanics featured in the game. Be warned: mild spoilers ahead! This post covers the second area in the game, Snow Crab’s Biome.

Hermie got lost in the Ice Caves trying to help his dad, you need to save him!

This area introduces Snow Crab, and how you can use his behavior patterns to solve puzzles.

Table of Contents

Working With Snow Crab

Snow Crab will walk until he hits an obstacle, and then turn around. Repeat. Along the way, if he finds any interactive items–orbs, lamps, elevators, teleporters, etc–he will interact with them.

Additionally, he can cross paths covered by ice crystals and you cannot.

While he’s not clever enough to follow instructions, you can toss him objects, or take objects back from him by interacting with them, using his motion to your advantage.

As always, undo/redo is available if you make a mistake.

Time Controls

To avoid requiring overly precise real time control–and to avoid requiring waiting–you can pause or fastforward time whenever you want, which is especially useful when working with Snow Crab.


Snow Crab will interact with any objects that cross his path–including teleporters. If a teleporter is enabled, he’ll turn it off. If it’s not, he’ll set it as his destination.

A teleporter only has one user at a time. This means that you’ll need to coordinate teleporter use with Snow Crab.


We’re still in the introductory area of the game, but this biome has a couple of puzzles near the end that are quite difficult. The interaction between you, Snow Crab, and the teleporters has a lot of interesting edge cases for puzzles to exploit, the state space starts to blow up here.

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