Way of Rhea is coming to Steam in 4 days!

This blog series walks through some of the mechanics featured in the game. Be warned: mild spoilers ahead! This post covers The Overworld.

Table of Contents

Skill Gates

Each level in Way of Rhea focuses on a unique skill or idea. Beating a level unlocks other levels that depend on that skill.


Once you complete the first biome, Way of Rhea becomes nonlinear: if you’re stuck, you can always return to the hub world to try a different level–no progress will be lost.

In fact, you can revisit all completed puzzles at any time via the checkpoint selector in each level.


There’s also a jukebox in the hub world that can play any song you’ve unlocked! When you beat a level, that level’s song is unlocked.

Want to help with the release?

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I’ll see you tomorrow in Rhea’s Biome…