Way of Rhea is coming to Steam in 3 days!

This blog series walks through some of the mechanics featured in the game. Be warned: mild spoilers ahead! This post covers Rhea’s Biome.

This area introduces Rhea, and color circuits.

Table of Contents

Color Circuits

Circuits introduce a new way to open gates.

Normally, you need to be the same color as a gate to open it. However, if a gate has a circuit attached to it, you can alternatively place an orb of matching color onto the circuit to open the gate.

This will not change your color, and you can retrieve the orb later (if you don’t mind the gate re-closing.)

Multi Gate Circuits

If a circuit has multiple gates on it, color flows through the circuit from the place the orb was placed. Only gates of matching color will open.

Color Conflicts

Color flows through the circuit segment by segment from each placed orb simultaneously.

If multiple orbs of differing colors are placed on a circuit, the color stops flowing at the point at which the non matching colors meet. This can prevent you from progressing, but it can also be used to your advantage.


These puzzles are not as difficult as the end game puzzles, but they start to get more difficult than most of what we saw in the intro.

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