Way of Rhea is coming to Steam in 2 days!

This blog series walks through some of the mechanics featured in the game. Be warned: mild spoilers ahead! This post covers The Professor’s Biome.

The professor is kind of a jerk.

This area introduces The Professor, and a new way to change colors using staves.

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Normally, to change color, you’d need an orb and a lamp.

In this biome you can instantly change color by dropping your staff, and picking up a staff that’s a different color. Unlike orbs, staves are infinitely reusable, so you can switch back and forth as much as you like–provided you’re able to return to where you left the original staff!


You can also drop your staff without picking up a new one, and as a result have no color. This couldn’t possibly be useful…or could it?

With great power…

Staves are, in a sense, more powerful than orbs:

  1. They can be reused
  2. You can change color at any location you’re able to get a staff to, not just at lamps

As a result of all this power, puzzles have a lot more possible solutions to explore–but typically still only one solution that works, making these puzzles a bit more difficult.

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I’ll see you tomorrow in The End Game, where the real challenge begins…