Way of Rhea is coming to Steam TOMORROW!

This blog series walks through some of the mechanics featured in the game. Be warned: mild spoilers ahead! This post covers The End Game.

For many players, the biomes up until this point will be sufficiently challenging, and some players may be happy to solve most of those puzzles and stop.

However for avid puzzle gamers, everything we’ve seen so far is just set up for the real challenge: the end game.

The end game combines everything we’ve learned so far into 4 levels of very challenging puzzles.

Table of Contents

Snow Crab + Circuits

This area combines Snow Crab style puzzles with circuit puzzles. It’s the easiest of the end game levels.

Staves + Circuits

The next area combines staves and circuits. Since both staves and circuits are very stateful, these can get very tricky.

Snow Crab + Staves

The penultimate level combines Snow Crab style puzzles with staff puzzles. The Snow Crab will now interact with staves just as he would any other object, and you can take staves from him just as you could take an orb from him, resulting in him being colorless.

Snow Crab + Staves + Circuits

The final level combines all of the above mechanics, for a final challenge requiring mastery over everything in the game.

Other Features

Once you’ve beat all the puzzles, you can use the speedrunning features to try to improve your time. There are also a few achievements to collect.

And that’s it!

…or is it?

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